branding, ideas and innovation


creation of new luxury sustainability concept, branding and website

Sustainable luxury for Kering.jpg

A new platform for Kering Corporation companies to re-educate consumers via storytelling and manufacturing provenance. Created for Kering Corporation as part of a collaboration with London College of Fashion’s Centre for Sustainability

Visuology Issue 3 cover.jpg

sustainable design and lifestyle magazine origination, branding and design

Invented the word ‘visuology’ a combination of ‘vision’, ‘intuition’ and ‘sociology’ - and the concept of ‘style beyond trends’

Re-branding and re-design, below, was carried out in collaboration with Harriet Bedder

visuology logo.jpg
ShopCurious homepage image.jpg

online curiosity shop idea, branding and voice

Conceived (2005) and branded (2008) ShopCurious before the BBC R4 ‘for curious minds’ campaign, the organisation ‘Curious Minds’, the Wellcome Collection’s ‘incurably curious’, the re-branding of a breakfast cereal to Curiously Cinnamon and the eventual emergence of derivative websites adopting similar names and retail concepts. In 2019, Nesta launched a podcast called Future Curious

ShopCurious postcard design 2.jpg
ShopCurious postcard design 1.jpg
ShopCurious homepage example 8.jpg
ShopCurious homepage example 2.jpg
ShopCurious homepage example 5.jpg
ShopCurious homepage example 6.jpg
ShopCurious homepage example 4.jpg
shopcurious homepage example 7.jpg
ShopCurious homepage example 3.jpg
Fashion gallery logo.jpg

boutique gallery/concept store branding and styling

In collaboration with John Eager

Fashion Gallery advertisement layout.jpg

Fashion Gallery advertisement layout and branding


luxury dating club branding

A luxury dating club for successful singles - branding collaboration with David Parker

Digital time capsule concept.jpg

digital time capsule concept and website creation

Diary of Mankind website design.jpg

Conceived idea and built a virtual legacy site for storing memories, stories and photographs to be remembered by - a forerunner of Google’s Historypin and Facebook’s Timeline


book cover design commissioning