Areas of expertise include:

social theory, 1980s and ‘90s fashion, power dressing, sustainable luxury, dress codes, fashion as legacy, sustainable lifestyle and ‘deathstyle’ trends, and digital immortality

Topics researched for MA Fashion Cultures: History and Culture at London College of Fashion (2018) include aprons, the Sloane Ranger, Fiorucci, sustainable textiles, power dressing and formal dress codes. My MA dissertation - Am I Appropriately Attired? Negotiating Formal Dress Codes in Contemporary England - was informed by the personal experience of being turned away from a society event for being inappropriately dressed, despite having gained admittance wearing the same outfit to the event on a previous occasion. The paper explores the mutable concept of ‘appropriate’ dress, the ambiguities of formal dress codes and their policing. The study also considers the future of formal dress codes in an increasingly 'fluid' society. 

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